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On a deeper level your partner needs to be able to give you a vision of the higher reality perhaps through ideals, spirituality or creativity. Sagittarius rising Gemini Descendant : The partner may be able to help you overcome your shortcomings, through providing you with necessary facts and information. Capricorn rising Cancer Descendant : On a low level you may be looking for someone to take care of you emotionally. On a higher level your partner can help you get in touch with the emotional side of you.

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On a higher level your partner needs to help you find your sense of personal power. Pisces rising Virgo Descendant : On a low level you may keep attracting criticisms from your partner.

The Definition/Meaning of the Descendant + Calculate your Descendant

On a higher level your partner needs to provide you with the necessary discernment to ground your vision. Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since You can contact Hiroki via email at: Hiroki hniizato. As Watt explains to Bustle, "Your sun sign is an indication of how you present yourself to the world and is associated with your unique identity. The sun placement in a chart will often give a lot of info on how one may express themselves and can often have an effect on creativity.

Understanding & Unpacking The Descendant In Astrology

That said, it does make some sense why there's an added emphasis on sun signs in mainstream astrology. So whereas your rising sign is your surface-level personality and your moon sign is your private emotional self as you'll learn more about below , your sun is your personality's center , much in the way that the sun is the center of our little universe. All right, let's step out of the sunshine and journey into the beauty and sensitivity of the moon-ruled night! Just as the moon in the sky rules over the nighttime and all that hides there, so does your moon sign — so basically, it relates to the private, emotional, beneath-the-surface parts of your personality.

When you've got that, you can either consult an astrologer or use an online moon sign calculator to find out what sign rules your lunar self. The moon has always been linked to our emotions, so it makes sense that your moon sign rules over your emotional and more intimate side. Again, in the theme of darkness and shadows, your moon side rules the more shadowy parts of your personality — the sides that only the people closest to you get to see. This part of yourself can also come out if you're in a highly stressful situation, and there are other times when your moon sign could eclipse your sun sign , too.

And the lunar energy can manifest in very different ways, depending on which sign its in within your personal natal chart. So if the sun is our yang, you can think of the moon as our yin: "The moon is the luminary that reflects the sun's light, and is therefore its yin counterpart," Otero explains to Bustle. As the luminary that cycles relatively rapidly through phases of light, it corresponds with the many stages of life, particularly early life when our existence depends on the sustenance of caregivers," she continues.

It's the emotional, vulnerable, and more private side of your personality that likes to feel comfortable and safe before it steps out of the shadows and reveals itself to others. You at first glance — believe it or not, that's probably going to be more your rising sign than your sun sign! Rising signs are also known as your ascendant , and they are always the sign that rules the first house of your zodiac chart which is the "house of self" , aka where your chart begins.

Descendant (astrology)

But your rising sign isn't a planet like the sun and moon, so what exactly is it? Do not fear their reactions. The reason I mention this is that for Leo rising people- man, all too often, early on, those beautiful notions of love that transcends everything- that agape love that is precious and beautiful: got beat up. As the world made you feel that this was an unrealistic thing, you sort of pulled back, became more hesitant to express things, and doubted you could ever have what you know is real.

I have a spoiler for you, Leo rising- it actually is very possible and more than that: the world needs that kind of love. When you love, you see the epitome of everything you ever wanted and needed inside of them- but the truth is, not everybody lives up to that. Sometimes, people use that, and it hurts you when they manipulate you this way.

You are so very deeply sensitive and compassionate that often: you find yourself close to others who are as well but, what you sometimes forget is, you deserve that love you so freely give others. More than anyone. You have remarkably high standards for yourself- and you seek to sort of make this perfect world for those you love, which often leads to you being something of a workhorse. Duty may well be your middle name, and these are the great things. You may well complain about it a lot, but ultimately, you just never really stand up for yourself.

Way too often, you find that though you have given so much of yourself to others- you end up facing your own problems alone. You want balance? Stop being a martyr. You can give- and it is beautiful that you do, but, you need to recognize that your own needs have to be met as well and when others are crappy to you on a consistent basis: they need to go.

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  • It has always been so funny to me- and by funny, I mean, unendingly maddening and hurtful: those of us who seek balance more than anyone else, very, very rarely have it, do we? And, depending on other things at play in your chart- whew. I also have a Virgo North Node. We often come to this point in our closest relationships where it just feels as though everyone else gets and we get left in the cold.

    Where we have trouble making our own choices and being independent. My needs are important, too. But, how do I get them met and not rock the boat? The wall goes up. That person will never get to see that part of you, again, not in its fullness.

    Astrology for inspiration

    We tend to have insanely strong desires for that Once in a Lifetime partner- yet, that wall is not easy to overcome, and the second the person jumps over it: we can seem like the coldest people in the world. The best thing that you can do, if you have a Libra rising? You need to be independent.

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    You need to be less passive. That Aries has gotta come out or it will head-butt the gate until it suffers traumatic brain injury. Keeping everything equal is, well, everything , once you do decide to be close to others. You have a tendency towards working with your strength and attempting to hide your weaknesses. You tend to prefer situations where you can either become much more knowledgeable or convey it- teaching and being in a constant state of evolving, learning, and growth.

    One of the biggest pitfalls of this ascendant is in sort of taking on their insecurity- you may end up in a co-dependent and unsatisfying relationships if you do not learn to ground your own natural empathy. Shielding yourself from the emotions of others tends to be incredibly important: but, you have to be careful, or you can swing too far the other way and have trouble relating to emotional expressions on the whole.

    Often, people are either magnetically drawn to you or intimidated by you because you carry a mysterious, yet powerful presence that not everyone is comfortable with. The balance, when it comes to closer relationships is equitably shared resources and balancing of power: either you agree that one of you is in charge or, neither of you is. In romance- possessive or jealous lovers need not even bother: you will squish their egos with a swiftness in the process of breaking loose to run free.

    You need to view close relationships through a more intellectual lens, and sometimes, people who are overly emotional or dramatic appeal to you- but never for very long as this becomes exhausting to you. You do need those who inspire and those who are passionate- but, this can often lead to conflicts as strong wills clash. Though you are very open minded and curious about other perspectives- it may be after you listen intently, you shake your head and start preaching at them as to why they are wrong.

    However, your approach is so off-putting at times that you have a hard time pulling people to your way of thinking. Balance for you is going to mean learning to listen with the intent of hearing- not hearing to react. In this and being open to the perspectives of others, not only will you have happier relationships- you have the capacity for enormous wisdom.