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Were any of these in aspect at the time of fire? Saturn was conj this point from mid through March, If your natal Ascendant is mid-Cancer it would fit, particularly since then your natal Uranus would've been opposite your progressed IC and natal NN, representing the sudden material loss of your old home Taurus SN-Uranus and past, a transformation Scorpio NN that led you to your new home conjunct the progressed IC.

I know you don't normally use progressed charts, but it would be interesting to check. Yes, you're right! MC was at A bit of wiggle room needs to be allowed too, because I don't know my exact time of birth - just within around an hour, and I suspect it was around half an hour later than the mid-sign Cancer position the astrologer who rectified my chart suggested. Combined with transiting Uranus conjunct my natal Sun Interesting how it all ties in.

As I was fiddling with my own time of birth, I realized even a few minutes can make a difference when it comes to our chart's progressed angles. Post a Comment. Wednesday, April 29, Fixed Stars in Taurus.

Alpha Ceti

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View my complete profile. Go get 'em, Bernie! Jim Webb - a Contender? Label Cloud. From Wiseweboman The Other Side of Andromeda was chained to a rock and left to the sea monster, but to her good fortune, the hero Perseus was passing by just as Cetus was about to devour her. Perseus rescued the princess and killed Cetus.

Cetus Constellation

He and Andromeda were later married. Cetus was commonly depicted by the Greeks as a hybrid creature. It had forefeet, huge jaws, and a scaly body like a giant sea serpent. Even though the constellation is also known as the Whale, the mythical creature in the depictions does not in fact look like a whale. Beta Ceti is the brightest star in the constellation.

It has an apparent magnitude of 2. It has left the main sequence stage of evolution and is on its way to becoming a red giant.

With a surface temperature of 4, K, the star is slightly cooler than the Sun. Beta Ceti is sometimes known by its traditional names, Deneb Kaitos and Diphda. Alpha Ceti is a very old red giant star, approximately light years distant. The star will eventually eject its outer layers to form a planetary nebula, leaving a large white dwarf remnant. Alpha Ceti V was the planet on which Khan and his crew were exiled.

Fixed Stars in Astrology

Omicron Ceti, better known as Mira, is a binary star consisting of a red giant and a companion star. The system is approximately light years distant. Mira A, a red giant belonging to the spectral type M7 IIIe, is an oscillating variable star that serves as a prototype for an entire class of variables, the Mira variables. There are between 6, and 7, known stars belonging to this group. They are all red giants whose surfaces oscillate in such a way as to cause variations in brightness over periods ranging from 80 to more than 1, days.

Mira was the first non-supernova variable star discovered, with the possible exception of Algol in the constellation Perseus , which was confirmed as a variable only in Mira is believed to be about six billion years old.

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The companion star, Mira B, is a high temperature white dwarf that is accreting mass from the red giant. The two form a symbiotic pair, the closest one of its kind to the Sun. The post Asterion Star appeared first on Astrology King. Being […]. Copula Star Astrology It is of the nature of the Moon and Venus, and causes blindness, defective eyesight, strong passions, hindrances and disappointments.

Other names include Elkeid and Benetnash Benetnasch. Alkaid is the most eastern star in the Big Dipper asterism. Foramen is five million times brighter that of the Sun. Between to , it brightened in an event known as the Great […]. Before the Scales were made separate constellation, […]. Yed Prior Star Astrology Fixed […].

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It is expected to directly […]. Not to be confused with the fixed […]. Menkar Star Astrology Fixed star Menkar is of the nature of […]. Are you the publisher?